Changes Together Mobile 07940 047913 Phone 01384 354155 The Norton Homeopathic Practice 103 Worcester Street Stourbridge DY8 1AX The Norton Homeopathic Practice Worcester Street Stourbridge DY8 1AX Visit My main Website Are you feeling fed up or anxious? Do you find that things happen over and over? Or that you have difficulty in your relationship? I am confident I can help you to feel better and sort things out. People often have things happen (to them) over and over again. This is often to do with repetitive thinking and patterns of behaviour – often out of awareness. Being aware of this pattern is the first step towards change. When working with you, I’m interested in your family tree and your early relationships to find out if some of your thinking started when you were young. In my training, this is referred to as ‘script’ and limits an individual’s potential. In Relationship Counselling, I’m interested in how our scripts fit together – like a jigsaw puzzle – but then reinforcing unhelpful patterns and sometimes pressing each other’s “buttons”. I find theories of couple fit and attachment patterns useful. We learn how to be in relationship and carry with us people from our past. We can mistake our partner/friend/boss for someone else (we might not have liked) and talk to them as if they are someone else. In relationship, we can sometimes unknowingly erode each other’s self-esteem and create that downward spiral which then seems out of control. All of these themes can be explored in counselling – understanding and changing thinking, feelings and behaviour. Mobile 07940 047913 Phone 01384 354155 Louise Lee MBACP (member of BACP) RGN BSc Counselling In Stourbridge Email Contact Me Appointments at